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Graduate Student Publications

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Jiang, X.H., Soylemez, B., Hussain, M. (2018). Diversity Beyond Students: Families of International Students as Part of the Campus Community. Diversity Discourse: Research Briefs from the Center for the Study of Diversity; Vol.1, No.6. Retried from:

Jenks, A. B. (2018). "Crip Theory and The Disabled Identity: Why Disability Politics Needs Impairment." Disability & Society (Accepted for Publication)

Jenks, A. (2018). A Lack of Access: SSA Programs & Experiences of Blind and Visually Impaired People. Retrieved from:


Tobias Lemke and Mike Habegger: “A master institution of world society? Digital communications networks and the changing dynamics of transnational contention.” International  Relations. 


Faith Okpotor:Forthcoming "The Political Economy of U.S. Security Assistance to Africa: A Research Agenda." African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review.

Alejandro Christian D. Soler:"Going urban: marking cities, city networks and global commodity chains in the capitalist world-system." International Journal of Political Science and Development 3(2): 108-118.


Faith Okpotor:"Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy: A Normative Assessment of Humanitarian (Non)Intervention in Africa" in United States' Foreign Policy in Africa in the 21st Century: Issues and Perspectives. Adebayo Oyebade (Ed.). Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, pp. 151-167


Boraden Nhem: "The Khmer Rouge: Militarism, Ideology, and the Revolution that Consumed a Generation" Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, 2013.  

Bauer, Gretchen and Faith Okpotor: "'Her Excellency': An Exploratory Overview of Women in African Cabinets." Africa Today, Vol. 60, No. 1, pp. 77-97                                                                                                                                          


Benjamin Banta:"Discourse as a Causal Mechanism: Discourse, Critical Realism and the Need for Critical Discourse Analysis in International Relations." European Journal of International Relations. (2011).

Nicholas Galasso:"Honor and the Performance of Roman State Identity." Foreign Policy Analysis, Fall 2011.

Boraden Nhem:"A Continuation of Politics by Other Means: The "Politics" of a Peacekeeping Mission in Cambodia (1992-1993)." PKSOI Paper (PeaceKeeping and Stability Operations Institute). Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, Carlisle, PA.


Benjamin Banta:"Just War Theory and the 2003 Iraq War Forced Displacement." Journal of Refugee Studies. 21 (3): 261-284 (2010).

"'Virtuous War' and the Emergence of Just Post Bellum." Review of International Studies: (2010).

Jared Larson:"O excepcionalismo americano na era de Obama." Tempo exterior: Revista de análise e estudios internacionais/ no.18, IGADI, Baiona, Galicia (Spain), January - June 2009, pp. 7-23. (Submitted in English as "American Exceptionalism in the Age of Obama," translated into Galician by IGADI.) Available at:

"Bush, o electorado estadounidense e o engano relixioso." Tempo exterior: Revista de análise e estudios internacionais/ no.12, IGADI, Baiona, Galicia (Spain), January - June 2006, pp. 101-113. (Submitted in Spanish as "Bush, el electorado estadounidense y el engaño religioso," translated into Galician by IGADI.) Available at:

Joshua Martineau:"Red Flags: A Model for the Early Warning of Refugee Outflows." Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies 8(2): 135-157 (2010).

Kelly McHugh:"Bush, Blair, and the War in Iraq: Alliance Politics and the Limits of Influence," Political Science Quarterly 125 (3): 465-491 (Fall 2010).

Juris Pupcenoks:"Passionate and Active: Understanding Detroit Muslim Activism on Foreign Policy Issues," in Nabeel Abraham, Sally Howell, and Andrew Shryock, eds., Target of Opportunity: Arab Detroit in the Terror Decade. Wayne University Press: Detroit, MI, Forthcoming 2010. Abstract Accepted for Submission. The chapter is to be submitted for review in April 2010.

Juliette Tolay-Sargnon:"Türkiye'de Mültecilere Yönelik Söylemler ve Söylemlerin Politikalara Etkisi" [Discourses on Refugees in Turkey and their impact on policies], UNHCR publications, forthcoming (2010).

"Discovering Immigration into Turkey: the Emergence of a Dynamic Field," International Migration, forthcoming (2010).

"The Missed Dialogues of the Euro-Turkish Relationship," Journal of Global Initiatives: Special Edition on the Alliance of Civilizations 4 (2): 75-94 (2009).

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