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​Graduate Placement Director

The Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware has a long-standing record of placing graduate students in academic positions at some of the best research and liberal arts schools in the country and abroad. For a list of positions that our former students have secured, please refer to the Recent Placements page. This year we are pleased to call your attention to the following excellent PhD candidates seeking academic appointments for the 2019-202 academic year.

  • Daniel Arbucias, Phd 'The Midas Touch: A Theory of Resource Curses.'
  • Andrew Jenks, 'A Lack of Access: SSA Programs & Experiences of Blind and Visually Impaired People.
  • Tobias Lemke 'A master institution of world society? Digital communications networks and the changing dynamics of transnational contention'
  • Angela Wolfe, Phd'Linking the Transnational and the Domestic in Social Movements: the Case of Latin American Women’s Movements'

For more information please contact, Dr. Kassra A.R. Oskooii Graduate Placement Director.

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