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Soles Stipend and Fellowship Recipients

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  • Kiersten Harris, U.S.-Russia Relations internship , American Security Project, Washington, DC
  • Kathleen D. Turkel, Workplace Equality Program, Human Rights Campaign, DC
  • Kelly James, Workplace Equality Program, Human Rights Campaign, DC
  • Casey Moore, Senior Thesis Field Work, Greece
  • Madison Cann, Internship, Mary Ann's List, DE


  • Katherine Freitag, Environmental League of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Marisa Missan, Friendship House, Wilmington, Delaware
  • Eshani Pandy, Opening Doors, Sacramento, California
  • Jaime Renman, The City of Philadelphia's Major's Internship Program, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  • Linda Halfacre, Project Vote Smart and Girl Forward, Austin, Texas
  • Megan Hart, Project Vote Smart, Montana
  • Rachael Russell, Office of Congressman John Carney, Washington, DC
  • Victoria Sanchez, State Department's Bureau of Arms, Control, Verification and Compliance, Washington, D.C.


  • Elizabeth Clinton and Nora Reynolds, Oxygen Nedi and Peace Corp - Ouarzazate, Morocco.
  • Cameron Connor, Congresswoman Martha McSally, U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Monika Chawla, Office of Senator Chris Coons, Washington, DC.
  • Samantha Kelley, dissertation research on migrant labor exploitation in the US.


  • Dylan Gallimore, Burlington County Republican Committee
  • Elizabeth Gibson, US Senator Lamar Alexander, Washington, DC
  • Lauren Mick, Governor Chris Christie, Trenton, NJ
  • Alexander Patrick, US Congressman John Carney, Washington DC
  • Kevin Pregent, Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies
  • Stephan Savastano, New Jersey Republican State Committee
  • Melissa Veriaque, US State Department Office to monitor and combat trafficking in persons
  • Samuel Wiles, Cecil County, Maryland Office of the State's Attorney
  • Monika Chawla, Office of Senator Chris Coons, Washington, DC
  • Justin De Leon, dissertation research Cheyenne River Tribe Reservation, SD
  • Emmanuel Balogun, International Studies Assoc. Global South Caucus Conference, Singapore


  • Nora Crawford, The Honorable Kent A. Jurden, United States Court of Appeals Third Circuit, Wilmington, DE
  • Elizabeth Gibson, US Senator Mark Kirk, Washington, DC
  • Michele Lambert, Mayors Internship Program, Philadelphia, PA
  • Rebecca Marshall, DE Department of Education Teacher Leader Effectiveness Unit, Dover and Wilmington, DE
  • Alex Minore, AmericaSpeaks, Washington, DC
  • Steve Tomkeil, The National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws
  • Sam Wiles, US Congressman Tim Bishop, Washington, DC
  • Brenna James, US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Washington, DC
  • Sophie Le Blanc, dissertation research in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Chiedo Nwankwor, dissertation research in Pretoria, South Africa


  • Peter J. Artese, Office of PA State Representative Nicholas "Nick" Miccarelli, III
  • Gregory Doolittle,, Chitwan, Nepal
  • Ian J. Guthoff, US Representative Nan Hayworth, Washington, DC
  • Thomas J. Jackson, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York, NY
  • Ashley Lavery, Defenders Association of Philadelphia
  • Olivia Lucas, White House Internship Program, Office of the Vice President
  • Lauren Pitruzzello, White House Internship Program, Office of the Vice President
  • Lindsay Romano, US Senator Thomas Carper, Washington DC
  • Dan Bottomley, dissertation research in Indonesia


  • Paige Barton, US House Committee on Homeland Security
  • Carys Golesworthy, United States Embassy, La Paz, Bolivia
  • Michael Paterra, United States Consulate, Naples, Italy
  • Thien-Chan Vu, Compassion for Migrant Children, Beijing, China
  • Lauren Balasco, The Hague Academy of International Law
  • Zofia Maka, ICPSR Summer Program, University of Michigan
  • Rajdeep Pakanati, dissertation research in United Kingdom and South Africa
  • Reid Tillman Smith, Palestinian Summer Experience


    No Soles Stipends or Fellowships were awarded in 2010.


  • Brittany Hayes, Road2Argentina
  • Seth Levy, US Representative Nita Lowey, Washington, DC
  • Jamie E. Miller, Partners in Development, Haiti and Guatemala
  • David Parkinson, ABC News
  • Tara Patel, Council on Hemispheric Affairs
  • Mara J. Pfeffer, Global Volunteer Network, India
  • Paul Ruiz, US Representative Melissa L. Bean, Washington, DC
  • Meredith Stuart, Human Rights and Peace Building Program of the International Women's Tribune Centre
  • Diaraye Sylla, Visions in Action, Washington, DC
  • Alissa Werzen, Child Death, Near Death, and Stillbirth Commission
  • Sara Chehab, dissertation research in Dubai
  • Yinan Chen, United Nations Development Programme, Washington, DC


  • Courtney Carson, US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
  • Dustin L. Engelhardt, Woza Moya Community Outreach Project, South Africa
  • Jessica Falborn, US Embassy, Tunisia
  • Christopher O. Lang, US Senator Thomas Carper, Washington, DC
  • Nicolette Lotrionte, Fox News Channel, Fox and Friends
  • Jordan Miller, Federal District Court for the District of Delaware
  • Jennifer L. Price, Amnesty International, Washington, DC
  • Atnre Alleyne, Workshop on Political Theory, England
  • Joshua S. Martineau, ICPSR Summer Program, University of Michigan
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Recent Soles Stipend and Fellowship Recipients
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Soles Stipend and Fellowship Recipients
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