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Soles Undergraduate Citizenship Stipends

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James R. Soles Undergraduate Citizenship Stipends 

The stipends provides up to $2,500 for political science, international relations, public policy, and organizational and community leadership majors. The aim of the stipend is to support students whose fieldwork activities, internships or discovery learning experiences are related to advancing the general welfare of society. Awards are intended to encourage students to engage in “special” civic activities or public service projects with governmental agencies, public interest groups, non-profit organizations and private organizations whose mission is consistent with the aim of Soles Undergraduate Citizenship Fellowship. 

The purpose of the awards is to defray costs such as housing, special fees, transportation, travel and other support expenses.  It is not designed to provide a salary. Students are expected to file a report on their activities and how this experience will contribute to their educational development.


Please note:  Students may not receive funding more than once, and graduating seniors are ineligible. 

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Soles Undergraduate Citizenship Stipends