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Dear UD Student:

Spring 2021 Course Offerings

Politics is all around us. As you look through our classes for next semester, you will see that the world of political science is vast. Many political scientists study elections, of course. Many more examine domestic and international institutions of government and non-government organizations, theoretical issues in governing and political life, and the behaviors of citizens throughout the world. We also examine the ways in which our identities: national, racial, ethnic, gender, and so many others, interact within society and politics to create and recreate the political world in which we live.

The Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware offers a set of exciting and challenging majors: Political Science, International Relations, Political Science Education, and Political Science with Spanish/ French/ German.  We also offer minors in Political Science and Political Communication. In addition, many of students minor in Legal Studies, which can be especially valuable for those interested in the law and/or public service.

Our programs provide an excellent education and prepare you for careers in both public and private sectors. That career may take you many places: into politics, lobbying, industrial relations, law, non-governmental organizations, or the Foreign Service, to name a few. You might become a teacher or a journalist or work in government -- local, state, federal, or even international. You will also find political science graduates in companies large and small. If your interests run to the private sector, you will learn that a political science or international relations degree gives you a leg up, as the capacities you develop in writing and communication, and the broad perspectives you get on how the world works prepare you for leadership in business as well.

Whichever major you choose, our department offers a wide range of courses in American Politics, Comparative Politics, Law and Political Theory, and International Relations. In addition to our regular courses, we offer several Honors (3.0 required for admission), special topics, and second writing courses.  We also offer opportunities for internships, service learning, undergraduate research, and study abroad.

If you need additional information about our courses or our programs, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

If you have selected one of our majors, you should have been assigned a faculty advisor in the Department.  If you do not know who your advisor is, please check with the Department Office, 347 Smith Hall. I strongly encourage you meet with your advisor to help ensure proper progress toward your degree and a rich academic experience.  We look forward to working with you as you pursue your academic program.

David P. Redlawsk

James R. Soles Professor and Chair

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