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Minor in Politics and Social Justice

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This 18­-credit interdisciplinary minor in Politics & Social Justice (PSJ) has been designed for those students who want to understand and change social injustices and are seeking the necessary theoretical and practical tools to do so. The Department of Political Science & International Relations (POSCIR) has developed this interdisciplinary minor that focuses on both local and global social injustice and social movements.  Upon completing this minor students shall: (1) understand the causes of domestic and international inequalities in social, economic, and political rights and opportunities, (2) have explored both theoretical and practical solutions towards addressing these inequalities, (3) have gained practical experience working with a social justice organization to address these inequalities.

Students who complete this minor will leave UD with a degree that signals the unique and valuable training and knowledge that can offer them a competitive advantage in a variety of contexts. For example, given the issues with implicit bias and discrimination in many work environments (corporations, academia, government offices), our students would already have the training and language to know about and address such issues. For science, engineering, and health science professionals, this minor could address a deficit in training in many white- and/or male-dominated professions by encouraging students to understand how diversity shapes people's access to everyday resources like medical care, infrastructure, and technological advancements. For students wanting to work in non­profits, they too will have both the practical experiences and wide understanding of inequality and activism that make them more effective advocates.

Partnering Departments

To establish this interdisciplinary minor, the Department of Political Science & International Relations has partnered with the Departments of Africana Studies, Anthropology, History, Sociology & Criminal Justice, Women & Gender Studies, and the Biden School of Public Policy & Administration.

Academic Requirements

  1. 18 credit minor (6 classes total)

    • 9 total credits in political science (3 classes total, 2 required and 1 elective)

    • 9 total credits in partnering departments (1 required and 2 electives)

  2. Required Courses (available to all students from any major):

    • POSC 230/AFRA 230/WOMS 230: Intro to Politics & Social Justice

    • AFRA 220: The Civil Rights Movement

    • POSC 469: Social Justice Practicum (3-­credit hybrid course that includes 40 hours of social justice work and some classroom time and course work; prerequisites include: POSC 230, AFRA 220)

  3. At least one additional "Local" elective (see below)

  4. At least one additional "Global" elective (see below)

Electives from Partnering Departments (choose two total)

Local (American political context)
  • AFRA 222: Racial Politics in Today's Sports
  • AFRA 250: Black Art and Activism in the Digital Age
  • AFRA 320: History and Significance of Race
  • AFRA 352: Black Feminist Theory
  • AFRA 381: Understanding Black Men in the Streets and in Prison
  • ANTH 234: Environmental Anthropology: Plants, People and Pigs
  • CRJU 350: Gender and Criminal Justice
  • CRJU355: Inequality, Crime, and Justice
  • CRJU417: Sex Crimes and Punishments
  • HIST 316: Civic Engagement in America:Present, Past and Future
  • HIST 387: The Queer Twentieth Century
  • SOCI 213: Men and Women in American Society
  • SOCI 215: Race in Society
  • SOCI 305: Social Class and Inequality
  • SOCI 335: Environment and Health
  • SOCI 418: Race, Gender, and Poverty
  • SOCI 424: Women in Literature and Society Inside Out
  • UAPP 220: Citizens, Community and Change
  • UAPP 412: Urban Housing Policy and Administration
  • UAPP 448: Environmental Ethics
  • UAPP 449: Civil Rights Law and Policy
  • UAPP 467: Power, Inequality and Social Policy
  • WOMS 201: Intro to Women & Gender Studies
  • WOMS 216: Into to Feminist Theory
  • WOMS 240: Women and Violence
  • WOMS 308: Theories of Sexuality and Gender

Global political context
  • ANTH 209: Contemporary South Asia: An Antropolitical Intro Through Everyday Struggles
  • ANTH 223: Food, Gender and Culture
  • ANTH 255: Public Advocacy in Anthropology
  • ANTH 302: Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 326: The African Diaspora and the World
  • ANTH 330: Development and Underdevelopment
  • ANTH 333: Peoples of Africa
  • ANTH 351: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America
  • ANTH 352: Refugees and Forced Migration
  • ANTH 372: Culture and Colonialism
  • ANTH 401: The Idea of Race
  • HIST 268: A Global History of Racism and Social Exclusion
  • HIST 373: Modern Ireland
  • UAPP233: Introduction to Global Health
  • SGST 200: Cultural Intro to Sexualities and Gender Studies
  • WOMS 202: Women’s Studies in Global Context
  • WOMS 314: Social Media: Feminist Activism
  • WOMS 332: Women, Race, Ethnicity
  • WOMS 363: Women in Cross­Cultural Perspective

​Political Science Electives (choose one)

Local (American political context)
  • POSC 322: Politics and the African­ American Experience
  • POSC 355: Urban Politics
  • POSC 368: Politics of Difference
  • POSC 3XX: Social Movements in Fiction and Film
  • POSC 403: Civil Liberties
  • POSC 406: LGBT* Politics
  • POSC 411: Politics, Poverty and Inequality
  • POSC 459: Sexuality and Law
  • POSC 473: Gender, Sex and Law
  • POSC 476: Election Law
Global political context

  • POSC 317: Gender and Politics
  • POSC 329: International Migration
  • POSC 333: Contemporary Political Ideologies
  • POSC 361: Feminist Political Theory
  • POSC 410: Islam in Global Affairs
  • POSC 416: Ethnic Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • POSC 420: International Crimes, Criminals and Courts
  • POSC 424: African Women in Politics
  • POSC 433: African Politics
  • POSC 445: Human Rights & World Politics
  • POSC 446: International Human Rights on Film
  • POSC 449: Ethics and Politics
  • POSC 436: African Politics and Literature
  • POSC 453: Comparative Political Economy

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