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Political Science

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Have you ever considered how governments solve complex problems in areas like immigration, healthcare or environmental protection? In political science you will learn not only about national and international politics and policymakers. You will also learn valuable skills in critical thought, oral and written communication and quantitative reasoning—the very skills most useful to employers in fields like law, business and journalism, not just politics.

Political Science (PSC) majors acquire a broad introduction to the study of government and politics within a liberal arts tradition with this 30 credit hour major. Students may choose a political science major with a concentration (American Politics, Global Politics, or Law, Politics & Theory) or without a concentration. An honors degree option is available. Course work for both major options, with or without a concentration, aims to help students develop analytical, written and oral communication skills and to prepare them for a wide array of careers and active citizenship. Students must maintain a minimum C- grade in all POSC courses. Students should also note that no more than 45 POSC credits count toward the 124 credits needed to graduate.

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Political Science
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Political Science