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From the Director of Undergraduate Studies

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The Department of Political Science and International Relations offers major programs leading to the BA in Political Science, the BA in International Relations, the BA in Political Science Education, and a joint program with the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature leading to a BA in French, German, or Spanish/Political Science. Honors degree options are available for all degrees. A minor in Political Science is also available, as well as a minor in Political Communication.

Political Science majors acquire a broad introduction to the study of government and politics within a liberal arts tradition. Political Science majors may be completed without a concentration - providing a broad overview of the field - or with a concentration - allowing for more in-depth study in a Political Science subfield. International Relations majors acquire a broad introduction to international politics within an interdisciplinary approach. International Relations majors complete regional specializations as well as concentrations in an International Relations subfield. We hope that in the course of study with us, our undergraduate majors and minors will develop their analytical and written and oral communication skills, learn how to work well with their peers, prepare for a wide array of careers and become global citizens.

We encourage all of our majors to take advantage of the many experiential learning opportunities at the University of Delaware. These include the chance to conduct undergraduate research with one of our faculty members, study abroad during winter or summer session, complete an internship in Delaware or a nearby major city, engage in service learning, or be an undergraduate teaching assistant for one of our classes. For students interested in law school or future legal careers we encourage participation in the Legal Studies program; in addition, several of our faculty serve as pre-law advisers. Finally, for International Relations students and others interested in international affairs we encourage participation in the Area Studies programs that focus on the culture, history and politics of different areas of the world. While completing a regional specialization for the International Relations degree it is possible to complete a major or minor in one of the University's Area Studies programs: African, Asian, European, Islamic, Jewish Studies, Latin American and Iberian.

Dr. Kara Ellerby

Dr. Kara Ellerby, Director of Undergraduate Studies

​For more information about our undergraduate majors and minors, please contact Dr. Kara Ellerby (, Director of Undergraduate Studies, or Barbara Ford (, Undergraduate Administrative Assistant.

See the pdf files below for an in-depth look at each of our majors and career success.

POSC A Distinctive Expereince.pdf International Relations A Distinctive Expereince.pdf

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From the Director of Undergraduate Studies
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From the Director of Undergraduate Studies