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The Department of Political Science and International Relations offers a range of graduate courses including core Global Governance courses and courses in three tracks: The United States and the World, Global Processes and Transnational Issues and A Comparative Perspective.

Beginning in September 2018, we will be making significant revisions to our graduate program. Incoming students will choose a first field and a second field, and will complete a new methods sequence, including both quantitative and qualitative methods. Students will choose from International Relations with a global governance focus, Comparative Politics, American Politics, and Political Theory for their first field. Second fields include the above as well as an option for a constructed field that can be interdisciplinary in nature, such as political psychology, or political communications.

Visit to search for all graduate courses offered by the department. Graduate courses are POSC 802 to POSC 969.

Please click here for Graduate Course Offerings Spring 2019.pdf

Please click here for the POSCIR 2018-2019 Graduate Handbook.pdf

Please click here for the POSCIR Teaching Assistant Handbook

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