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Degrees Offered

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‚ÄčThe Department of Political Science and International Relations offers MA and PhD degrees in Political Science and International Relations. The graduate program is a PhD focused program consisting of coursework during the first five semesters followed by dissertation research and writing. A limited number of students interested in a terminal MA degree will be admitted to an MA track. The MA degree is a two-year, 38 credit hour program. The PhD program is a 62 credit hour program. Students admitted to the MA track but who wish to pursue the PhD degree may apply to the PhD program during their second year of the graduate program. Courses offered in the graduate program consist of core Global Governance courses and courses in one of three tracks: the United States and the World, Global Processes and Transnational Issues, and A Comparative Perspective.

Though we offer MA and PhD degrees in Political Science and International Relations, our program, which is organized around the theme of global governance, is primarily PhD-focused. For the MA degree, students must complete a set of core Global Governance courses and a set of courses in one of three tracks, as well as elective coursework including the COGGS seminar and a major writing requirement. For the PhD degree, students must complete the course requirements for the MA degree, plus courses in a second track, a research seminar, candidacy credits, a skills requirement, field examinations, a dissertation proposal defense, and the dissertation defense.

Click here for a detailed description of the requirements for the MA and PhD degrees in Political Science and International Relations. 

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Graduate Degrees Offered
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Degrees Offered