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Newark, DE 19716<div class="ExternalClassF697464A45F84C2FBB1798B85274A52A"><p style="text-align:justify;">Mona A. Parikh, Esq. currently serves as Director of Business Development for NuggMD, the nation's largest online cannabis telemedicine platform. Prior to then, she served as Senior Director of Business Development for world-renowned design studio House Industries. She is an Adjunct Professor at University of Delaware's Horn Entrepreneurship, and mentors and consults with startups and established companies in and around Delaware and beyond. In 2016, Mona was selected to represent Delaware as a delegate at the Democratic National Convention. In 2017, she was asked to serve on the entrepreneurship sub-committee of the transition team for New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer, and that same year, she also served on the economic development task force at the request of Governor John Carney. Prior to her business development and startup-ecosystem-building life, Mona was a corporate restructuring lawyer in Wilmington, Delaware and frequently refers to herself as a "recovering attorney." She serves on the board of directors for Downtown Visions and Mary Ann's List, and is a junior advisory member of the Delaware Prosperity Partnership. Mona earned her law degree from the Delaware Law School, and her undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware. ‚Äč</p></div>Parikh Esq., Mona A. <img alt="" src="/Images%20Bios/Mona%20A.%20Parikh,%20Esq.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Advisory Board MemberPolitical Science and International Relations

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