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129 Wolf HallNewark, DE 19716<div class="ExternalClassFF04EF11D4F343499CBCC63EC4F98A60"><p style="text-align:justify;">My research explores a fundamental question in social psychology: How can we achieve equity in intergroup relations? Specifically, I investigate how we form impressions of marginalized members of society, how those impressions influence our decision-making, and how we may intervene to achieve parity. Broadly, I am interested in how implicit and explicit processes underlying perception, emotion, and cognitions influence intergroup outcomes. In examining these basic mechanisms, I bridge social, cognitive, and neuroscience research with decision-making to advance psychological theories, to test the flexibility of intergroup impression formation, and to examine the constraints of interventions in producing lasting reductions in inequality.  When pursuing my lines of research, I employ a multi-level approach that includes investigations of hormonal determinants (e.g. cortisol), neural activations (e.g. EEG, fMRI), behavioral outcomes, and social change in real-world situations, such as in financial, educational, and judicial contexts. This approach allows me to characterize the complex nature of intergroup relations and test the effectiveness of interventions using different levels of analysis. The Ford Foundation, NIA, and NSF have supported my research. ​</p></div><div class="ExternalClass6F42C5CF615A4554841D1804C52A2BC8"><p><a href="">Pre-registrations and Open Access Materials: </a></p><p>Mattan, B.D.*, Kubota, J.*, Dang. T., & Cloutier, J. (in press). Motivation modulates brain networks in response to faces varying in race and status: A multivariate approach. <em>eNeuro.</em> * shared first author</p><p>Mattan, B. D., Wei, K., Cloutier, J., & Kubota, J. T. (2018). The social neuroscience of race- and status-based prejudice. <em>Current Opinion in Psychology</em>, 24, 27-34.</p><p>Mattan, B.D.*, Kubota, J.*, Dang. T., & Cloutier, J. (2018). External motivation to avoid prejudice alters neural responses to targets varying in race and status. <em>Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience, 13(1), </em>22–31<em>.</em> * shared first author</p><p>Kubota, J.T., Peiso, J., Marcum, K., & Cloutier, J. (2017). Intergroup contact throughout the lifespan modulates implicit racial biases across perceivers' racial group. <em>PLOS One, </em><em>12</em><em>(7), </em>e0180440<em>.</em></p><p>Mattan, B., Kubota, J.T., & Cloutier, J. (2017). How social status shapes person perception and evaluation: A social neuroscience perspective. <em>Perspectives in Psychological Science, </em><em>12</em><em>(3), </em>468-507<em>.</em></p><p>Kubota, J. T., & Ito, T. A. (2017). Rapid race perception despite individuation and accuracy goals. <em>Social Neuroscience, </em><em>12</em>(4), 468-478<em>.</em></p><p>Dunsmoor, J., Kubota, J.T., Li, J., Augusto, C., & Phelps, E. A. (2016). Racial stereotypes impair flexibility of emotional learning. <em>Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience, </em><em>11</em><em>(9), </em>1363-1373<em>.</em></p><p>Kubota, J. T., Mojdehbakhsh, R., Raio, C., Brosch, T., Uleman, J. S., & Phelps, E. A.(2014). Stressing the person: Legal and everyday person attributions under stress.<em> Biological Psychology, 103</em>, 117-124.</p><p>Kubota, J. T., & Ito, T.A. (2014). The role of expression and race in weapons identification. <em>Emotion, 14(6), </em>1115-1124.</p><p>Kubota, J. T., Li, J., Bar-David, E., Banaji, M. R., & Phelps, E. A. (2013). The price of racial bias: Intergroup negotiations in the Ultimatum Game. <em>Psychological Science, 24(12),</em> 2498-2504.</p><p>Kubota, J. T., Banaji, M. R., & Phelps, E. A. (2012). The neuroscience of race. <em>Nature </em><em>Neuroscience, 15(7), </em>940-948.</p><p>Kubota, J. T., & Ito, T. A. (2007). Multiple cues in social perception: The time course of processing race and facial expression. <em>Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 43(5)</em>, 738-752.</p><p>Amodio, D. M., Kubota, J. T., Harmon-Jones, E., & Devine, P. G. (2006). Alternative mechanisms for regulating racial responses according to internal versus external cues. <em>Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience, 1(1),</em> 26-36. </p></div>Recent Publications, Dr. Jennifer302-831-4813<img alt="" src="/Images%20Bios/Jenny%20Kubota%202.jpg" width="120" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Psychological & Brain SciencesDepartment of Policital Science and International Relations06-Political Psychology

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