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Recent Faculty Presentations

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Kara Ellerby. No Shortcut to Change: An Unlikely Path to a More Gender Equitable World; 21st Century Feminisms; Issues in Global Studies, Center for Global and Area Studies - October 2018


Matthew Weinert. (Dis)Ordering Anarchy/Identifying World Society: Inscribing Globality on Cultural Heritage; 58th Annual International Studies Association Convention—Baltimore, MD; 2017

 Matthew Weinert. A ‘Responsibility to Protect’: Seeking Justice for Cultural Heritage; 58th Annual International Studies Association Convention—Baltimore, MD; 2017

Alice Ba. "Bringing Institutions Back In:  ASEAN's Institutional Logics and Effects at a Time of Great Power Transition." Invited Public Lecture, Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, London School of Economics. November 20, 2017.

Matthew Weinert. “World Society: Seeking, and Creating, The Global in Global International Society;” English School Theory Workshop; University of St. Andrews—St. Andrews, Scotland; October 2017.

Alice Ba. "The Future of Asia: Voices of the Next Generation." Invited public panel presentation, Asia Foundation, Washington, DC. October 26, 2017.  

Alice Ba. "Southeast Asia and Major Power Change: The Institutional and Integrative Dimensions of Asia's Shifting Strategic Landscape." Invited Public Lecture, Institute for Asian Studies' 20th Anniversary Lecture Series, Portland State University, 19 October 2017. 

David P. Redlawsk. Using Dynamic Process Tracing to study voter decision making. University of California, Merced. October 18, 2017.

David P. Redlawsk and Kyle Mattes. Just the Facts: How Voters Perceive and Process Fact Checks. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA. August 31 - September 3, 2017.  

Annemarie Walter and David P. Redlawsk. Explaining Voters' Heterogeneous Responses to Politicians' Immoral Behaviour. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA. August 31 - September 3, 2017.

Matthew Weinert. “High Level Meeting on Human Security and Agenda 2030;” The United Nations; New York; 7 July 2017.

Alice Ba. "Traditional, Non-traditional Security and the Intangible Political Space of Community." Invited panel presentation, ASEAN in the Philippines, Building ASEAN: Political-Security Community and Regional Resiliency (ASEAN High-level Symposium in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN, Iloilo City, Philippines, 18 June 2017.

Alice Ba. "Southeast Asia and the Advent of the Trump Administration." Invited public panel presentation, "Asian Views on America's Role in Asia", hosted by the Asia Foundation, the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI), and Jakarta's Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Jakarta, Indonesia, 2 June 2017.

Kyle Mattes and David P. Redlawsk. How Voters use Fact Checks. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association. Chicago, IL, April 6-9, 2017.

David P. Redlawsk. The Importance of Contempt in Election Campaigns. ECPR Joint Sessions, Nottingham,  UK, April 26-30, 2017.

Alice Ba. "ASEAN and ASEAN-Plus Arrangements: Changing Conditions and Challenges of Centrality." Invited panel presentation on "The Ties that Bind: Ideas, Interests, and Institution-building in Southeast Asia", Beyond the Island Dispute: Democracy, Regionalism, and Global Politics in Southeast Asia, symposium held by the Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University, Boston, MA, 24 March 2017. 

Alice Ba. "ASEAN and the South China Sea:  Second Order Priorities?" Invited panel presentation for Troubled Waters: The South China Sea Question, symposium held by the YALE Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 2-3 March 2017.

Matthew Weinert. “Framing Solutions to Insecurities and Assaults on Human Dignity in a Fraying World;” 2nd day Opening Address; Symposium on Insecurity, The Fraying World Order, and Human Dignity; Georgetown University; 27 – 28 February 2017.

David P. Redlawsk. Contempt in the US Presidential Election. Paris Political Psychology Colloquium. University of Paris Nanterre, Paris, France, January 10-11, 2017. 


Alice Ba. 'The United States-Japan-China Triangle in Southeast Asia.' Invited presentation for The Ambassador William C. Battle Symposium on American Diplomacy, Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 18-19 November 2016. 

Alice Ba. 'Where China Meets Southeast Asia:  Regional Reconfigurations Along the Belt and Road.' (Keynote speaker), ASEAN Forum, Sydney Southeast Asia Centre and China Studies Centre, University of Sydney, Australia, 7 October 2016. 

Alice Ba. 'South China Sea Flashpoint: Tinderbox or Tempest in a Tea Cup?' Roundtable - Participant, Annual Convention of the American Political Science Association, 1-4 September 2016.

Alice Ba. 'ASEAN's Role in the Regional Security Architecture: The Institutional Dimensions of Regional Order.' ASEAN at 50 First Technical Workshop: Political Security, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) and Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Philippines to ASEAN, Grande Centre Point Hotel, Rachatadamri, Bangkok, Thailand, 21-22 July 2016. 

Benjamin E. Bagozzi, P.T. Brandt, J.R. Freeman, J.S. Holmes, A. Kim, and A. Palao. 'External Validation of Event Data.' APSA Annual Convention, September 1-4, 2016.

Bagozzi, Benjamin E., D. Berliner and Z.W. Almquist.  'Predicting Government (Non) Responsiveness to Freedom of Information Requests with Supervised Latent Dirichlet Allocation.'  International Conference on the Advances in Computational Analysis of Political Text, July 14-16, 2016.

Wayne Batchis. 'The Political Party as a Public Forum: The Incoherence of Political Parties as Free Speech Associations and a Proposed Correction.' Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Seventh Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium, Chicago, IL, November 4-5, 2016.

 Wayne Batchis. 'The First Amendment in a Diverse Age.' American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, September 1-4, 2016.

Gretchen Bauer. 'Gendered Electoral Financing for Parliament in a Democratizing State: Ghana Case Study.' With Akosua Darkwah. African Studies Association annual meeting. Washington, DC, 3 December 2016.

Gretchen Bauer. '"My Wife, My Sister, My Mother": Women in Parliament in Ghana.' Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana Legon, 3 November 2016.

Gretchen Bauer. 'Legacies of Military Rule and Constraints on Activism for Women's Political Leadership in Ghana.' CEGENSA 10th Anniversary Conference, University of Ghana Legon, 27 October 2016.

Julio Carrion. 'The Fearful Citizen: Crime and Support for Democracy in Latin America.' (with Lauren Balasco). VII Latin American Congress-World Association for Public Opinion Research. Monterrey, Mexico. October 14 2016.

Theodore Davis. 'Blacks' Perceptions of Factors Impeding Black Students' Academic Success.' International Conference on Urban Education in San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 2016.

Kara Ellerby. 'A Seat at the Table is Not Enough: Ensuring Women's Participation in Peace Processes.' International Studies Association Northeast Conference in Baltimore, MD, November 2016

Philip Edward Jones, Paul R. Brewer, Dannagal G. Young, Jennifer L. Lambe, & Lindsay H. Hoffman. 'Explaining Public Opinion toward Transgender People, Rights, and Candidates.' American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, PA, September 1-4 2016

William H. Meyer. 'The Persecution of the Falun Gong Movement in the People's Republic of China.' New Tang Dynasty (Chinese) TV Network August 2016.

David P. Redlawsk. 'The 2016 Presidential Election: What Happened?' 55Plus, Princeton, NJ, November 17 2016.

David P. Redlawsk. 'The Positive Case for Negative Campaigning, Great Horizons Program.' Morris Plains, NJ, November 2 2016.

David P. Redlawsk and Kyle Mattes. 'Negative Campaigning: Political Information Search when Voters Can Choose.' American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, PA, September 1-4 2016.

David P. Redlawsk, Ira Roseman, Kyle Mattes and Steven Katz. 'Examining Contempt and Anger as Factors in Candidate Evaluation.' American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, PA. September 1-4 2016.

David P. Redlawsk, Todd Donovan and Caroline Tolbert. 'The populism of Donald Trump in comparative perspective.' American Political Science Association. Philadelphia, PA. September 1-4 2016.

David P. Redlawsk, Cengiz Erisen and Elif Erisen. 'Incongruent Information and Political Thinking.' American Political Science Association. Philadelphia, PA. September 1-4 2016.

David P. Redlawsk, Caroline Tolbert and Natasha Altema McNeely. 'Emotions Condition the Influence of Racial Resentment on Policy Positions.' American Political Science Association. Philadelphia, PA. September 1-4 2016.

David P. Redlawsk, Ira Roseman, Kyle Mattes and Steven Katz. 'Distinguishing discrete emotions toward candidates: Contempt and anger as differential predictors of candidate evaluation and voting.' International Society of Political Psychology, Warsaw, Poland, July 14-16 2016.

Matthew Weinert. 'A Cultural Security Perspective on the Situation in Syria and Iraq.' After ISIL: Stability and Spillover; US Army Special Operations Command and The Laboratory for Unconventional Conflict & Simulation; Duke University; December 2016

Matthew Weinert. 'The World as Political and Cultural Concept;' ISA-Northeast—Baltimore, MD; November 2016

David Wilson. 'The Continuing Significance of Race in American Politics: Racial Resentment and the Pain of Racial Progress.' Duke University, Political Behavior and Identities Workshop, Durham, NC, November 2016.

David Wilson. 'The Continuing Significance of Race in American Politics: Racial Resentment and the Pain of Racial Progress.' Emory University, Center for the Mind, Brain, and Culture, Atlanta, GA, October 2016.

David Wilson. 'The Continuing Significance of Old Fashioned Racism: Skin Color and Implicit Racial Attitudes among Survey Interviewers.' (Presenter, with Darren W. Davis). International Society for Political Psychology (ISPP) Warsaw, Poland, July, 2016






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