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​COGGS - The Colloquium on Global Governance and Society

The Department's Colloquium on Global Governance and Society (COGGS) is a central element of our graduate program's focus on politics and global governance. COGGS is an annual speaker series that brings national and international scholars to speak on issues of global governance theory and practice. It is held each spring in conjunction with a senior graduate seminar and writing workshop for our advanced graduate students.

2018 COGGS: 'Political Challenges from Local to Global'

  • Friday, February 23rd – Lisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphus College

  • Friday, March 2nd – Cynthia Arnson, Wilson Center  "The Peace Process in Colombia: Challenges for Implementation and U.S. Policy"

  •  Friday, March 16th – Stephen Stedman, Stanford University "Civil Wars and International Order in the Post-Cold War Era"

  •  Friday, April 13th – Jack Snyder, Columbia University

  •  Friday, April 20th – I. William Zartman, Johns Hopkins University

2017 COGGS: 'Global Governance in a Contentious World'

  • Friday, February 17th - Cynthis Enloe, Clark University, "What Do Transnational Feminists Reveal About the Trump Presidency?" *co-sponsored by Women and Gender Studies
  • Friday, March 10th - Liah Greenfield, Boston University "The Method Behind the Madness: Globalization of Nationalism."
  • Friday, April 21st - Orfeo Fioretos, Temple University, "The Origins of the Informal Global Economic Governance"
  • Friday, April 20th - Henry Hale, George Washington University, "Patronal Politics in the Post Soviet Era"

2016 COGGS: 'Illiberalisms in Global Governance'

  • Friday, March 4th - Dorle Helmuth, Catholic University "Reflecting on U.S. and French Responses to Jihadi Terrorism: From 9/11 to ISIL"
  • Friday, March 11th - Nancy Hirschmann, University of Pennsylvania "Disability, Freedom and the Will"
  • Friday, March 25th - Natasha Duncan, Purdue University "Structural Gender Bias, Brain Waste, and the U.S. H-1B Immigration Policy"
  • Friday, April 8th - Brantly Womack, University of Virginia "Beyond Hegemony: the US-China Relatinship in a Multinodal World"
  • Friday, April 16th - Valerie Sperling, Clark University "Sex, Politics and Putin: Masculinity and Russian Foreign Policy"

2015 COGGS: 'Global IR and Global Governance'

  •  Friday, February 27th - Amitav Archaya, The American University "Global IR and Regional Worlds"
  •  Friday, March 13th - J. Ann Tickner, The American University "Revisiting IR in a Time of Crisis: Learning from Indigenous Knowledge"
  •  Friday, March 27th  - Jennifer Griffin, George Washington University "Looking at the Corporate Governance – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Interface from a CSR Perspective"
  •  Friday, April 10th - Rey Koslowski, SUNY – Albany "Global Mobility Regimes: A Conceptual Reframing"
  •  Friday, April 24th - Himadeep Muppidi, Vassar College"Worlding the Postcolonial"

2014 COGGS: 'Rethinking Governance: Democracy, Power, and Exclusion'

  • Friday, February 21st - Dr. Joseph Schwartz, Temple University “Postmodernism Slept While Neoliberalism Arose”
  • Friday, March 14th - Dr. Craig Borowiak, Haverford College “Critical Cosmopolitanisms and the Norm of Democratic Inclusion”
  • Friday, March 21st – Dr. Rafi Youatt, New School for Social Research Title T.B.A.
  • Friday, April 11th - Dr. Jennifer Mitzen, Ohio State University “Power in Concert: The 19th Century Origins of Global Governance”
  • Friday, April 18th - Dr. Zoltan Buzas, Drake University  “Avoiding International Law: The Eviction and Deportation of Roma Immigrants in the European Union”

2013 COGGS: 'Security and Identity in Global Governance'

  • Friday, February 15th - Jennifer Sterling-Folker, University of Connecticut “Darth Realism: Embracing the Dark Side of Collective Identity”
  • Friday, February 22nd - Brendan O’Leary, University of Pennsylvania “Consociation and Courts: Human Rights versus Power-sharing”
  • Friday, March 1st - Barak Mendelsohn, Haverford College “Ideological Entrepreneurs and Challenged State Authority: The Israeli State and Violent Jewish Non-state Actors”
  • Friday, April 12th - Robert Brown, Temple University “International Political Authority: Nuclear Nonproliferation and the IAEA in the 1990s.”
  • Friday, April 19th - Susan Hyde, Yale University “Deliberation in a Non-Democratic Context: A Field Experiment on Town Hall Meetings in Rural Cambodia”

2012 COGGS: 'Tensions in Global Governance'

  • Friday, February 24th - Ruth Bevan, Yeshiva University “Globalism: Where does the West belong in a Post-Western World?”
  • Friday, March 2nd - Kwame Akonor, Seton Hall University “Reflections on Africa’s Responsibility to Protect"
  • Friday, March 16th - John Mathiason, Syracuse University “Managing Climate Change: the Biggest Challenge to Global Governance Ever”
  • Friday, March 23rd - Veena Thadani, New York University “National Security/Human Security: the Maoist Insurgency in India”
  • Friday April 20th - Ted Madger, New York University “Regardless of Frontiers: the Principles of World Communication”

2011 COGGS: 'Borders and Global Governance'

  • Charli Carpenter, University of Massachusetts-Amherst "Explaining the Advocacy Agenda: Insights from the Human Security Network"
  • Gallya Lahav, SUNY at Stony Brook "(Re)framing the Migration Debate: The Rise of Non-State Actors and the Decline of Civil Liberties in a New Security World"
  • Robert C. Smith, Baruch College Title TBA
  • Lincoln Mitchell, Columbia University "Stalin's Strangest Legacy: Borders and Politics in the former Soviet Union"
  • Marie-Joseé Massicotte, University of Ottawa "Alternative Forms of Governance from Below: Peasant Movements and Food Sovereignty in Brazil and Mexico"

2010 COGGS: 'Transnational Identities: Race, Class and Gender in GG'

  • Vera Leigh Fennell, Lehigh University, Globalization and Social Change Initiative "Reading Black through Red: Politics, Propaganda, and Afro-Sino Solidarity"
  • Darel E. Paul, Williams College "The Global Financial Crisis and the Crisis of the Financialized State"
  • Ethel Brooks, Rutgers University "Missing Pakistanis: The Muslim Everyday after September 11?"
  • Robert Vitalis, University of Pennslvania "The Midnight Ride of Kwame Nkrumah and other Fables of Bandung"  
  • Pascha Bueno-Hansen, University of Delaware "Queer/Lesbiana Dialogues among Feminist Movements in the Americas"

2009 COGGS: 'The Global Governance of War and Peace'

  • Michael Doyle, Columbia University "A Global Constitution? The Struggle over the UN Charter"
  • Barak Mendelsohn, Haverford College "Bolstering the State: A Different Perspective on the War on the Jihadi Movement"
  • Thania Sanchez, Columbia University and University of Iowa "Banning Mines, Building Coalitions: The Domestic Politics of Treaty Compliance"
  • Wesley Widmaier, Saint Joseph's University "Emotion, Ethics and the Environment: Religion, Pragmatism and Interests in Environmental Cooperation"
  • Helen Kinsella, University of Wisconsin-Madison "Gender and the Laws of War"
  • Janice Bially Mattern, Lehigh University "The Emotional Politics of Transnational Crime"

2008 COGGS: 'Global Governance and Governmentality'

  • Ann Towns, University of Delaware "The Status of Women as a Standard of Civilization"
  • Claire Rasmussen, University of Delaware "Animal Husbandry: Political Community and the Governance of our Beastly Desires"
  • Matthew Weinert, University of Delaware "From State Security to Human Security"
  • William Walters, Carleton University "Antipolicy"
  • Philip Cerny, Rutgers University "The Governmentality of World Politics"
  • Raymond Duvall, University of Minnesota "Governing Corruption"
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