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Graduate Students and Topics of Interest

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PhD Students

Ibrahim Enes Aksu: Comparative Politics, Middle East Politics, Secularism, Islamic Political Thought

Daniel Arbucias: Energy Relations, US Diplomacy, IR Theory, Global Security

Ahmet Ates: Intelligence, National Security, International Security, American Foreign Policy

Piotr Bielinski: Politics of Ukraine and Russia, Transatlantic Relations, US Foreign Policy, International Security

Ángela Bohórquez Oviedo: Power, Feminist IR, Latin American Politics and Cultural Studies 

Serkan Bulut: Ethnic Conflict and Conflict Management, American Foreign Policy, International Relations Theory, Global Security

Justin Collier: Nationalism, East Asia Politics, Public Opinion, Online Activism

Olga Gerasimenko: International Relations, National Security, East Asia

Michael Habegger: IR Theory, English School

Isa Haskologlu: Hybrid War, Terrorism, Middle East and Africa

Zachary Jackson: American Political Behavior, American Legal System, Political Theory

Andrew Jenks: IR Theory, Identity, Disability Politics

Xinhui Jiang: IR Theory, Terrorism, Middle East Politics

Samantha Kelley: Human Trafficking, Refugee Law, Migration and Security, Gender

Tobias Lemke: Classical Political Thought, IR Theory, Realism, English School

Jing Li: Comparative Politics, Chinese PolitIcs and East Asia Study

Rifat Binte Lutful: International Relations, International Security, International Organization, International Political Economy, Islam in Global Affairs, Feminist IR theory

Cheryl Mariani: US Foreign Policy, Middle East Politics, Security, Islam and Technology

Charles Mays: American Politics, UK Politics, Institutions, Elections and Parties, Political Behavior, LGBT Politics, Immigration

Hayley Morrill: International Security, American Foreign Policy and Middle Eastern Studies focusing on the history of the region and interactions with the United States

Anna Nuzzolese: Environmental Politics, Conflict Management & Reconstruction, Astropolitics

Kelsey Obringer: Environmental Politics, Global Politics, Human Rights and Constitutional Law

Michael Smith: Migration policy, global governance, and the politics of the Eastern Mediterranean

Soojin Song: Asia, International Governance, Political Economy and Economic Development

Busra Soylemez: Political Economy of Development, Political Theory, Social Justice, Middle Eastern Politics

Luisa Torres: National Security, Terrorism, Counter-terrorism Policies, Comparative Politics, Individual Liberties and Rights

Enes Tuzgen: IR Theory, Middle East Politics, Political Theory, Turkish Foreign Policy

Susan Weaver: Feminist IR and Peacebuilding, Conflict Analysis and Prevention, Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Sumeyra Yildirim: Identity, Religion, Culture, Immigration sumeyray@udel.ed

MA Students

Christopher Tharp: Constitutional Law, Human Rights and Social Justice, American Foreign Policy and Political Economy

Offices for graduate students in the Department of Political Science and International Relations are located on the third floor of Smith Hall, 333. Graduate students in 333 Smith Hall may be reached by telephone at four numbers: 831-6450, 831-6451, 831-6452, or 831-6453.

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Graduate Students and Topics of Interest
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